In this article I offer some tips for choosing notebook from a didactic and pedagogical approach . Many teachers and families you wonder What book is best to write in Primary? What more advantageous to write diced or two stripes are preferable? Is it better folio sheet size or size? All these issues are addressed in this entry.

To address the issue analyze the three variables teaching of a notebook: the size, the type of binding and the pattern of leaves. From that analysis offered some tips for choosing Notebook in different grade.

Tips For Choosing Notebook Tells Us What Pedagogy?

We are starting the school year and when buying notebooks for class arrives. The type of notebook and the pattern of leaves is an important issue that should not be in matters of personal taste or customs . In the notebooks there are three “teaching” variables that have their influence.dddd

The Size Of The Notebook: It is the first variable; there are folio or A4 and A5 size or pastern.

Binding: The second variable is the type of binding. Generally there are three types of binding: the stapled sheets, the worm spiral and those rings that allow removing the sheets of paper.

Pattern Of Leaves: The third variable, the most decisive, is the pattern used in the leaves. In Spain the three most common are the squares, the two lines and the single line. Although there are other patterns as larger or smaller pictures, the Montessori pattern, etc.

What Does The Teaching On This Subject?

Personal Issue

In many cases the choice of the notebook is a matter of taste and personal preferences teacher. It is true that in many cases require know why some argue for others. But the notebook in which children write has its relevance, especially in those who have difficulty writing or to organize in the space of the paper.

There Is No Ideal Notebook

When offering some tips for choosing notebook we must say that there is no conclusive research on the subject … or at least I have not found anything in Spanish.

By this I indicate that it is something each individual case: what benefits a boy or a girl, injure others . Therefore, every child needs a different notebook.

On The Type Of Binding

The first tips for choosing the notebook in primary education we will offer on the type of binding. The removable sheets are not recommended in the first four courses, as they favor being lost and your organization more difficult. The stapled sheets are especially recommended in Primary 1 and 2 because the bug can be a hindrance when supporting hand on the sheet of paper. Therefore, binding notebooks with bug spiral should be used from 3rd grade, but considering that not hamper writing.

About The Size Of Notebook

Continuing with our tips for choosing notebook address the second variable: the size. For children from 1st to 3rd grade (6-8 years old) the pastern or A5 size is more manageable: it is smaller than the sheet and is best suited to the types of tasks required graphic space.

Folio or A4 size begins to employ from 4 Primary (9 years) where the ability to master the graphic space is larger and the content of tasks expands.

Leaves “Plaid”

Now we address the delicate issue of what format pattern choose. We begin with the squares. There is a large group of children who the squares provokes confusion and disorientation in the paper. We could use the expression that the squares “you dizzy” do not help them organize spatially or what they write, nor as a reference to the font size.

Overall, it appears that the boxes are not recommended in the first three years of primary, either for mathematics. From 4th Primary (9 years) can be used in the area of mathematics, as long as it is established that favor the spatial organization of the student.


Pattern Of Two Lines

Leaves two lines are often used in the early grades of primary school. In some cases they may favor the fact mark a lower and upper limits of the letters. However, there are children who have not yet mastered or spelling or control of the hand, so they have no control over the size of the letters they write and the two lines can be asphyxiating them.

The two lines seem appropriate when there is enough writing control to manage the size and quality of the letter.

A Line

Sheet line seems the best choice, within the councils to choose notebook. On the one hand, only makes a reference to follow the script, not smothering for children. It also allows different sizes of letters.