No matter how desperately you wish, you cannot turn the clock back even by a minute. Time is more precious than even money is. 24 hours is all there is in a day. There is no end to money, as there is to time. To earn money online, you have to first get a product, develop a presentation and then promote your product all with targets and realistic deadlines that you set for yourself.


A product here can be anything tangible or a service too. Every stage will involve a learning phase and an action phase. It is important to identify which stage you are operating in now and focus on completing the stage. In the first stage, you have to decide between getting your own product or an affiliate product. You have analyzed demand, popularity, conduct surveys etc. to decide your product.

Once you have chosen your product, you have to develop a presentation. In most cases, it is a well designed website. Developing auto responders and newsletters also form part of this stage. Do not get stuck in this stage. Once your presentation is presentable, then move onto the promotion stage. You can always improvise your presentation but at this stage, don’t focus too much on perfection. Give your best shot into the presentation and then go about promoting it.

Your intended audience should know you exist and all about your product. Else, it will not matter even if you have the best product and presentation. Remember, time is limited. You want to see results. It is not wise to spend too much time on the first two stages at the cost of ignoring the promotion stage. Time can always be spent in altering sales copy, images, layout, web presentation, upgrading or trying new software, investigating new product opportunities, etc. The list is indeed endless.

Plan a good promotion strategy and plunge into action. After you begin to see some results, you can give some more time to altering content, headlines, etc. Write newsletters, blogs, run ads, conduct pay per click campaigns etc. on a very regular basis.

Give a nice name to your project or just a code that means something to you. Understand where exactly you are and in which stage – acquisition, presentation or promotion. Ask yourself as to what that activity you are engaged in right now is expected to do and what results are you looking at. This will help determine time you spend with it.

Maintain checklists and ensure you complete tasks from time to time. Focus on completion. Define your promotional strategies clearly in paper and implement them. Track the results of your promotional campaigns and see which one attracts more traffic. You can define your promotion mix based on these results to see what works best for you. Develop a spreadsheet to maintain record of your promotional strategies, tracking results, cost and return on investment. This will help you to analyze the effectiveness of your campaign.

Following these steps, using checklists and tracking results are good ways to make most of the available time and maximize profits. Go here to check more tips and tricks about internet marketing for better results.