One of the advantages of modern life is that we can use devices that make our lives easier. Among a number of devices of daily life have the electric shavers. Skin types vary depending on each person, some people have sensitive skin so you must choose carefully what kind of electric shavers will use .

If you have sensitive skin, one of the best methods is that of electric shavers resistant to moisture, which allow use gel and wash them easily. This type of shavers , can be used with gel and water, allowing a smooth shave for some skin types . In the market we can find machines with features such as they are sensitive , normal and intensive for different areas of the face. Some studies true, have concluded that the dry shaving, is less effective than the wet. With this type of shaving the final quality is less of a hurry. This does not mean that the system does not work well dry, but wet shaving has its advantages.


Keep in mind that the electric shavers that are designed to run dry, can not get wet, as they lack impermeable joints and can cause damage. Otherwise happens with the shavers for wet shaving, these are water resistant and can even be used in the shower. Some of these machines run on gel, and others have no need for it. Another addition that can be found on some models, is the possibility of buying shavers with sideburns trimmed.

In the shaving classic razors or traditional rakes which consist of a single sheet they are used. This shaving system includes the use of a brush, so the instruments involved, make this option a little monotonous and heavy for everyday use. Currently much multiwall system razors, these have interchangeable heads which are discarded or disposable razors also, that when they finish their useful cycle are eliminated altogether is used.

When choosing a shaver , you should analyze very well the features and functions offered by the user. Among the various types of electrical feitadoras , we can find some use rotating blades, which are protected under a curved blade , with concentric grooves and holes. Some of the companies that use this technology are Philips , Remington, etc. We can also find the electric shavers, using vibrating plates, which are diagonally positioned under openings, this system is used in several brands including Braun and Panasonic are. There shavers with three heads, two heads, the three heads are better adapted to the shape of the face.


Both systems are effective, floating cutting heads and rotating function. The choice rests with the user. With such devices avoid the drawbacks such as facial cuts and irritations. Some of these shavers can be used without cable and including a built -in battery, which allows the user to have a complete shave without having to use the plug. Some models work only with cable, for some users this is a great disadvantage.

So to conclude, each user must look very well what suits you, you should not forget that a shaver with battery offers great advantages such as mobility. The machines working in humidity are also a great option. Prices very depending on the device, but not always worth more offer better benefits. Some offer high quality fast and smooth shave, and are preferred by a lot of consumers although its price may be slightly higher than the other models. For choosing electric shavers machines, also for his benifits and latest models please visit us at & you gona find the best electric shavers.