Before you buy that new induction cooktop, I hope I can help you through my induction cooktop reviews to answer some questions you might have in regards to cooking and overall experience with induction. I seriously love cooking, but I never heard of cooking with magnets until my boyfriend bought an induction burner a few years ago.  Ever since then, I’ve become an induction cooking enthusiast, and you can read my post why it’s way more impressive than any other type of cooking. After using my burner for a year, I decided that if I were ever to remodel my kitchen, I would get an induction cooktop and started to do some research. I didn’t know there were so many different options regarding cooktops as well from slide range cooktops to portable burners. So through hours of studying and reading up on forums, I’ve learned what features are essential in buying a great induction cooktop. So let’s discuss the features that I found to be essential in any cooktop.


Heating Capacity – The Most Important Feature

Since induction cooktop uses magnetic forces to cook, Watts are the standard regarding measuring energy.  But the standard unit for cooking power that we understand is BTU, which is the unit of heat capacity on a gas range. Most gas ranges provide a maximum around 12,500 BTU of heat, which means we would want a minimum of 1.8 kilowatts for an induction cooktop regarding heat capacity since 1,800 watts provides about 12,900 BTU. (If you’re curious about the math, you can read my post about converting watts into BTU.) Along with the maximum heating capacity, another important feature is the wide range of temperature or power settings. The more settings you have, the more control, you will have the heat.

Warranty & Guarantee– Another Important Factor

Whether you’re purchasing an induction, electric or gas cooktop, you have to see buying any cooktop as an investment. Since cooktops are one of most commonly used the appliance in the home, it’s a good investment. But with any purchase this big, you want a great warranty if not a guarantee. From what I’ve researched for my induction cooktop reviews, most cooktops come with a one year warranty with the option to purchase extended warranty. I did find one company that provides a great no lemon guarantee for your cooktop. Here are our recommendations of the best induction cooktop we can find anywhere.


Our #1 Recommendation For Those On A Budget

For those on a tighter budget, we recommend the Frigidaire 30″ Hybrid Induction Cooktop at Amazon. Here are a few reasons why.

Since this is a hybrid cooktop of induction and electric, it does give you more versatility.

The highest heating capacity is 3,400 watts or 24,000 BTU. The temperature control also has a wide range from high to low.

This product is probably the best quality for the price you can get. It also comes with a one year warranty but unfortunately no guarantee.

You can read more about the unique features in our review of the product as well other customer reviews here.

 New or Curious About Induction Cooking – Try A Portable Induction Burner Instead!

Perhaps you’re more interested in trying out induction cooking like I was and not fully convinced. If this is the case, there are many portable cooktops available, which gives you the benefits of induction cooking without breaking the bank. You can read all my reviews on induction burners here including the first induction burner I ever got.