The TRX training is a training system based on the suspension, where using the weight of your own body got completely exercising the body muscles.

The TRX is composed of a nylon strap high strength, height adjustable with metal buckles, which has an anchor for one end and handles and feet supports the other. A lightweight, less than 1 kg, allowing you take your training with you anywhere or easily work out in your own home .

The key physical activity TRX is the realization of so- called functional exercises . Unlike other work, such as weight – bearing exercises, which focus on a particular area, the TRX exercises are characterized by a natural workout, where groups of muscles involved in performing a movement exercise, getting to perform a job that helps improve overall body.


TRX Training Benefits

The suspension training, brings many benefits to the body concentrated in the same year. Practicing start working our body and get tone and improve our flexibility and stability , but besides, also muscle strength and explosive win!

One of the muscle groups most work is the middle of the body, based on functional exercises, the abdominal area is a widely used in our natural body movements and therefore one of the most used in our practice part. Soon we will notice the results!

Injury Rehabilitation

The suspension training is a highly recommended for rehabilitation after injury, since it is based on performing exercises with your own body, so you will not have to be afraid to overdo per charge in your recovery option.

Risks Practice

The risks of injury are Exercising while are reduced to not introduce work more weight having our own body, ie, not force to work with more weight supported by our muscles.

However, we are careful posture we adopt to prevent injuries that may occur when performing repetitions, but that is a matter of good learning!

On the other hand, if we train so hard it may be interesting to use a heart rate monitor or heart rate monitor to help us develop our training safely.

And Now That?

Now that you know which is the TRX and how useful it can be to help you stay in shape, learn to useĀ  it in our library exercises .

And if you need any kind of sports supplement or best trx trainer alternatives, where you can find lots of interesting information.