If you are one of the many people who are planning on starting your very own small business, you have to become aware of the different loan options that await you. The terms and rates available for such funding vary to some extent. Therefore, it is important that you make the right move when applying for a small business loan. You have to know exactly what financial institutions to approach and where you can get assistance in the process.

Search For The Lowest

At present, the interest rate for small business loans fall around 8% and can be a little lower for loans that are greater than $100,000. One thing you have to keep in mind is that different banks such as foreign-based and large domestic banks may offer an interest rate that is around 7% only; and similarly, even lower for loan amounts that go beyond $100,000.

Length Of Maturity

Some domestic banks, particularly the small ones, usually offer loans that have longer maturity period but with high interests. Similarly, there are foreign banks that can offer short maturities for their loans at significantly low interest rates.

Call Provision

Foreign banks also focus more and insist on call provision as compared to their domestic counterparts. This just implies that they can ask for full payment of the loan in advance in cases where in the performance of your business does not comply with the agreements specified or if there are specific payment issues.

Penalty In Case Of Prepayment

Around 10% of domestic banks would asses a prepayment penalty. This simply implies that you cannot fully settle the loan without having to pay an individual fee. Foreign banks, on the other hand, assess the same fee more often and they are more stringent with it. Still, regardless of where you acquired your loan; whether the foreign or domestic bank, this is one type of fee that is often deleted as per your request just as long as it is mentioned and discussed prior to the signing of the loan agreement.

Movement Of The Market

In small business loans, the market tends to be very volatile. Before your application for a small business loan, make it a point to keep track of the market movement in order to land on the best possible deal.

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