I believe these have made you fall in love with your coily natural hair again and increase your impatience to try something new & unique. Here you will find numerous examples with classy looks for African American women.

  • Beautiful Puff Afro

When you start to grow your short natural hair, and reaches the length that is neither short nor long, you may feel confused about their style. One of the best options in this case would be a hairstyle afro puff. It is bright, fun and cute!

  • Tight Curls of Knots Bantu

Excessive swelling is one of the main problems of the short natural hair. Knotty Bantu can fantastic tight curls sparkling clean, compact and very glamorous. Try curls with a glossy finish and enjoy your vivid curly style that is truly hard to beat.


  • Small Spiral Curls

When is extremely thick natural short hair sticking out confusingly everywhere, quite annoying since it offers a decent look. At the same time, if you work in its texture, you will be able to give you a better way and update your look with a stunning natural curly hairstyle like this. Otherwise, consider stranded low-maintenance solutions, such as box braids hairstyles.

  • Short Hairstyle Curly Asymmetric Wedding

An asymmetrical short haircut with precise edges and selected elastic loops is a fantastic idea of a black wedding hairstyle. You can sweep the curls to one side and make an elegant touch or braid just above the ear on the other.

  • Short Conical Curly Style

Its coils annoy you with their uncontrollable rigidity? Take this problem to turn it into his own style. This fun taper is adorably natural, spontaneous and cute. You can hardly find something very bold and impressive as an alternative, in addition to very beautiful Mohawk hairstyles.

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