Electric trolling motors are being found increasingly often onboard many fishing boats. Boaters are discovering the benefits electric motors have to offer. Most notably the fact that they operate quietly and respecting the environment. In addition, its popularity is not hurt by rising gas prices. These engines are required by the attention that is different from the average gasoline powered engines motors. Electric operate differently than gas engines, so it’s no surprise that requires different care. Electric motors use batteries to supply them with energy.

This means they have a different way on. Any angler who has or is buying an electric trolling motor should review the following list of tips -. Charging replaces filling with fuel. It can be very easy to pour some gas for the engine, but with electric motors do not work that way. Electric motors must be charged. They require a battery charger. This may be a piece of board or a piece that stays on the shore. That depends on each fisherman.

Batteries are made to be neglected and often pay, so there is no concern about damaging them. However, manufacturer’s directions must be followed to ensure that the engine batteries are not ruined -. Always check the engine before use. Lost fishing lines can easily become entangled in the engine and cause significant damage. Only a short time of the damage done is needed, but also only takes a moment to look over the engine to prevent that from happening -. Is routine maintenance. Like any type of engine, an electric motor requires routine inspection and maintenance. The parts should be checked to ensure they are safe and in good condition.

Fisherman should not assume that power means no worries. Maintenance is still important -. The engine should always be supervised during charging. This prevents accidentally. An engine left running can overheat and burn easily -. Be friendly with the engine. Electric motors have parts that remain fresh for being underwater, so it is important that the fisherman the engine out of the water is not running. It is also important to general care in mind by not using the engine is weeds or mud. These tips offer ways to prolong life and protect the electric trolling motor.

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