Dr. George Shapiro is a living legend who has been a practicing physician for almost 25 years. He is a cardiologic specialist and in internal medicines in New York. He is also affiliated with Lawrence hospital. He is one of the doctors in the Lawrence hospital center who treats patients with cardiovascular diseases including heart transplanting. He is specialized in treating cardiovascular disease so he can be named as the best of the best. Dr. George Shapiro is able to speak multiple languages.He attended the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons which is in the New York City.  He is the successful person who had the courage to open his private practice in Scarsdale New York. Dr. George Shapiro has innovated medicines with the approval, he also has innovated medicines to manage the age. He has improved medicines to control cardiovascular diseases and strokes. His successful path has led him to serve as the president of the Cenegenics- New York City. He is serving many people around the world for age management. He provides them with the ways and medicines to treat the age management.


The Best Cardiologist For You

Dr. George Shapiro is one of the best doctors who treats and has treated many cardiologic patients.His special concern is to help the patients who are suffering from the heart disease which is in fact, well done by him. The best cardiovascular doctor has improved the longevity of the congestive heart failure. He is donating his service not only by his career apart from it; he does lectures on cardiovascular diseases to educate people.He has also been awarded as the most respected doctor in cardiovascular diseases. Any patients who are suffering from cardiovascular can get the services of Dr. George Shapiro, he is the ideal doctor who could treat your disease. The best doctor to treat your heart is him because he has been the trusted man in the cardiovascular medication.He is skilled in the field of treating cardiovascular patients and his services are rendered for many countries in the world. Dr. George Shapiro’s praises cannot be limited to few words, how can a living legend be described with just a few words? And he is being the rescuer of the emergency cases.

Dr. George Shapiro Is Specialized In

He is specialized in cardiovascular diseases but his sub specialties are:

  • Preventing Cardiology.
  • Vascular medicine.
  • Cardiology
  • Echo Cardiography

And also he also has obtained training and education from several medical colleges in New York City. The colleges he attended are namely Albert Einstein college of Medicine, New York medical college, New York Presbyterian hospital, university of California at San Diego, and also the state university of New York. He has become the living legend of New York City by being educated and trained by the colleges and universities in New York.The doctor has proven record for his ability and expertise. Yes, indeed Dr. George Shapiro is the doctor you have been searching to treat your heart diseases.