The latest power banks available for sale in Sri Lanka (LK)have multi-purpose usage. This has become an essential electronic accessory for those people of LK,who use a mobile phone and carry more than one consumer electronic devices for entertainment. It is advisable to check the original capacity power banks in Sri Lanka before you buy online LK or from a nearby mobile phone accessory shop in LK. You can read the online power bank reviews if you do not have the technical knowledge to understand before you buy the latest power bank LK.

Check your Mobile Phone Battery Capacity

Before buying any brand of power bank, you must check your mobile phone battery technical information. This you can find easily on user manual of your latest smartphone. The LK people using the standard mobile phone can remove their phone battery and read the charging capacity printed on them. Every brand of mobile phone manufacturer use of different type of battery and with varied charging capacity. You can find this on battery written as a power in volt and charging capacity in milliamp-hours (mAh).It is advisable to buy a power bank, which matches with your mobile phone charging capacity.


The below mentioned are a simple example to understand by common person for how to calculate the capacity of power bank.

Assume that, you have a phone with 3.7-volt battery and 10000 mAh current.

  • Assume that, you have a phone with 3.7-volt battery and 10000 mAh current.
  • If your mobile phone battery is of 3.7-volt and 10000-mAh, it is advisable to buy a power bank of similar volt and current capacity to charge your mobile phone with external charge, which is your power bank.
  • If you use power bank of 3.7- volt and 1000-mAh to charge your phone having a battery capacity of 3.7 volt and 10000 mAh may take much time to charge them because of lower current passing through power bank to your phone battery.
  • If you use any power bank with higher capacity like 5-volt and 15000 mAh will charge your mobile phone faster as it has the higher current capacity. You can charge your mobile phone instantly with this capacity.
  • Similarly, the reverse happens, when you buy a power bank with very low charging capacity and use them to the battery mentioned above
  • You can buy a power bank with higher capacity if you use more than one devices like iPod, tablet and charge your entire family members phone.

You may have a question like, if I buy higher capacity power bank it will not damage your smartphone. The answer is no, a power bank is just and external charging device, and when you connect with your phone, it acts like the real-time charger you place on the current socket. This is because your phone will intake the required current only. If you do not have technical knowledge, you can consult online and get replies for the right power bank your phone may require as an external portable charger.