Dating is the happiest stage of a couple in which both sides live a beautiful fairy tale where love and passion flowing alone. But with marriage and cohabitation, life becomes routine and both of you spending some relaxing and the strength of the relationship is falling day by day. Is your partner feels unsatisfied in the marriage life with you. Are your partner is searching the super sextoys online, you must be afraid after watching is all.

So if you are married and feel that passion among you it is fading or you are afraid that the routine take over your marriage with the passage of time, read on , because we give you 9 tips for the good relationship that existed between you and your partner before getting married go after the wedding and thereby lay aside the myth that sexual attraction is just over the years.

  • Lack of dialogue is the main cause of wear in a relationship. But do not be alarmed! Because everything has a solution, following these tips will improve your relationship and can return to the old days. Talk about what you like and what is not vital to have a good relationship, but not only about your life at work, with friends or chores, but about your sex life. Sometimes the passion is lost by not having more than one conversation necessary. This will facilitate coexistence, one of the hardest parts of marriage and, with her, the desire to increase achucharos you and love you !

  • Have new experiences , innovate, such a trip. Things that take your relationship from the routine to which it is subject, new ideas that lead initiative in the couple and funny situations in which you dedicate time to yourself. Share rides, long conversations, nice views and even a romantic hotel jacuzzi rekindle the passion of the best manera.¡Una break never hurts!
  • We’re not talking about big surprises every day, but small details that recobréis the illusion that gradually have lost. Couples who do things together show greater satisfaction and happiness, triggered by moments of surprise, moments that renew the magic of your love. Why not try?
  • Why not? Discussions are the great common point of all couples, not strengthen the relationship but have a good hand, or so say the reconciliation . Seize the passion to move the discussion to reconciliation And the minor quibbles unimportant will be much more bearable!
  • Turn off the phone, the computer, the iPad and other electronic devices that are necessary at work, but in his free time all they do is steal the time you should devote to other matters. Do not be obligations that are not necessary and enjoy the company of your partner. The less time you spend together, the less desire will have to do. If slowly, going eliminating the little things that take up that time, they will return the desire to be together in every sense and passion will flow alone. You’d sure it’s much more fun to let the smartphone aside and replace it with your partner!
  • Do not think that the differences in thinking are a problem, various opinions are enriching but we must carry them . Always keep the relationship alive bases your life not doing things that you like each one by your side, because all you will distance yourself you will succeed. Neither dependence nor distance are good for your marriage, you have to find the middle ground. Give them time to miss you , so you will have more desire to be together and the long – awaited passion It will increase without hesitation!

  • Stimulate the trust and intimacy both are key for each other and form two pillars in a marriage. Trust is the basis of the relationship, but intimacy is that every day you will revive the desire to be together. Guard them !
  • Do not let the routine eats passion, as is normal in a married life every action of the day become routine. The same schedule and the same tasks, do they do that you have to schedule your meetings? Put all of you to end this condition, predictably ends up being bored, wanting to kiss, hug or caress can not be programmed, they come alone. Change this point and give free rein to your desires!
  • Relationships must look after them and cool them to keep the passion alive just as the first day. Assume that your partner knows all the things you like about it, it is a mistake. Be not so comet! Let him know that you want, how special it is and attraction you feel. A compliment never hurts!
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